The Cut: The week reviewed and updated.


Friday 19th February 2016.

Madwblog began eight days ago. Eight days since my anger at using Clayhanger as a political football became the driving force for the post Truth or Dare? The response was overwhelming and unexpected. Clayhanger engaged and the post was removed from a Facebook page and, perhaps coincidently, lead to my ‘ban’ from another Clayhanger Facebook page. ‘Won’t be the last’ an experienced blogger tells me and begins to reel off a list of sites from which he has been banned. It’s my first badge of honour.

Then there was ‘the apology’ featured in Share and Share alike which also raised the question ‘Would we get the barriers on Northfields Way at all?’ A question also posed in Yours… written to Mr Cox at Walsall Council as a complaint under the Code of Conduct for Councillors. As yet, I have not even received an acknowledgment of my complaint. I have re-sent the complaint, pointing out the Council’s policy to ‘acknowledge receipt within 5 days‘. I’m not hopeful. I’m pouting.

Traffic = Money was a pure call to drive up ‘clicks’ on madwblog and pledge any money gained from advertising to Clayhanger Community Centre. I have to be honest, madwblog is nowhere NEAR earning any advertising revenue but if you JUST CLICK THE PAGE it counts towards the magic number. I have no idea what the magic number is, but there will be one… I imagine.

Valentines Day lead madwblog to share the love of Clayhanger through pictures in Love is in the air, everywhere I look around. Please share your pics of Clayhanger (serious, funny or indifferent) on the madwblog Facebook page.

And then there was Wooly Hat Man with a trundle wheel who appeared to be measuring Northfields Way. Is it a sign? What could it mean? It means Wooly Hat Man was measuring the road…

More questions were raised in Northfields Way – Life after Barriers? Cllr Steve Wade has forwarded this email to the relevant departments and has a received a reply. Once he has clarified a few things, he will share the answers with madwblog. Cllr Ferguson has not responded to the email.

The mystery deepens surrounding The Clayhanger 2 as those Wild, wild horses seem to make a complete exit from the village this week. Do tell if you see them.

Coming up…

Madwblog has not been resting on any laurels this week. Oh no. Plans are afoot to feature pieces on Clayhanger Community Centre and Cllr Steve Wade in On The Spot – a ‘relaxed’ interview getting to the heart of the matter and even perhaps finding out who was their favourite Spice Girl… Cllr Ken Ferguson has also been invited to feature but has not yet responded.

The promise of spring has made me think about getting back in the garden (once I’ve hacked down the enchanted forest which has grown over the winter) and so chatting to some Clayhanger allotment owners could be on the cards.

The deer are a regular talking point and often snapped by Clangers. Recieved wisdom is that they come from The Chase, but is this true? Madwblog aims to find out!

The progress of the barriers initiative on Northfields Way will continue to be a priority for madwblog.

If you know of a person, place or event concerning Clayhanger which could feature in On the Spot, complete the contact form.