The Cut: 02.04.2016 The week reviewed and updated


Saturday 2nd April 2016

It’s been a busy, busy week on madwblog. Concerns about littering of little silver canisters around the village lead to madwblog ‘getting educated’ about nitrous oxide as a legal high. Happily, in the madwblog house, the result was several conversations with the teenagers who turn up for food. (Some of them sleep here too. Frequent head counts needed.) Which was the intended outcome.

Clayhanger has been blessed with some lovely early spring weather which may have prompted a ‘turn out’ of unwanted stuff. Madwblog has even been inspired to post some items on preloved.

Cllr Wade has come to the end of his four year tenure and so is up for election again on 5th May. Keep a look out for him as he ‘does his rounds’ in Clayhanger. It is the duty of any elected representative to work on your behalf whether you voted for them or not. With further proposed cuts in services from Walsall Council this financial year, make sure you cast your vote on the 5th May fully informed.

The proposed barriers on Northfields Way have reached the next stage of consultation. Residents who live in properties using Northfields Way as access have received the relevant information through the post. The same information is available here.

And finally, the highlight of the week for me, a guided tour of Clayhanger Marshes from local birder, Chaz. As promised, I have been practising listening to bird song and trying to identify them. This morning I heard a Green Woodpecker from my bedroom!

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Who is Steve Wade and what does he have to do with Clayhanger and Brownhills? Madwblog finds out in On The Spot – Cllr Wade.

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