On The Spot – Councillor Steve Wade.


Madwblog talks to Steve Wade – a man who likes to take action. An ‘action-man’ if you like! Cllr Wade was elected as representative for Brownhills and Clayhanger in 2012.

There are several things that strike you about Cllr Steve Wade when you first meet him. He has an easy, reassuring nature, he listens to you carefully and he’s a Scouser.

Steve explains how he came to live in Brownhills.

“I’d been living and working in Solihull and I met my wife-to-be in Walsall. We chose Brownhills because it was the best area we looked at. It was a great choice. That was 9 years ago. I love living in Brownhills; great people, great community, just a great place to live. I now have a young son who is a Brownhills lad, so this is his home, this is my home, and this is my community!!”

So, why become a Councillor?

“I have a degree in politics but I was a bit of a wanderer for a while after leaving university. I decided that when I settled, I would use my degree and get involved in local politics. I was a Trade Union member and joined the Labour Party. I went to a few meetings and my name was put forward by a colleague in the Party. I was approached and asked if I would like to stand for election. I went for an interview and stood as a candidate in Pelsall in 2011,” Steve answers. He continues:

“I gained a lot of experience in Pelsall. I knocked doors, talked to people, helped them with issues they raised. I really earned my stripes there.”

One year on, Steve put his name forward for the 2012 election in Brownhills and Clayhanger. Steve had great support from Barbara Cassidy, who was a Labour councillor in Brownhills since 2004. Steve began canvassing in the ward and stood as a candidate. In May 2012, Steve was elected as Councillor and admits it was quite a victory.

“The position had for sometime been occupied by a Conservative member and was regarded as ‘safe’. To win was a great achievement.”

There’s no denying that Steve gets out and about in the ward and helps residents with problems they may have. Both his Facebook page and blog are full of updates on ongoing issues with litter, fly-tipping, landlords and campaigns such as the one to bring back the much-loved market to Brownhills.

In Clayhanger, Steve is trying to secure much-needed funding for the work of the community centre and has been successful in securing more frequent buses to the village. He was also instrumental in beginning discussions with Laura Terry 12 months ago when issues of loitering and fly-tipping were first raised on Northfields Way.

Steve very much enjoys being a Councillor and has received a lot of positive feedback from those people he helps. On May 5th, Steve’s four-year tenure ends and he is standing for re-election. Politics can be a dirty game, however, and Steve is philosophical about this:

“If people know what I’m doing, then I don’t need to get into all of that… [back biting].”

Steve has already been busy in Clayhanger delivering leaflets for the upcoming election. He is often in the village and came to the litter pick on the park last Saturday (9th April). He has also said he will come along to the Clayhanger Summer Tidy Up on 25th June.