Hold it… What a picture! On the Spot – Adam Bird.

credit: Adam Bird Photograph taken using Clayhanger Traffic Island.

credit: Adam Bird Photograph taken using Clayhanger Traffic Island.

The staging of this photograph caused a little flurry of excitement on Facebook in Clayhanger a few months back. Madwblog asks the man behind the camera how he came to be here…

How did you get into photography?

I got into photography about the age of 13. My twin sister was scouted by a modeling agency so I took her some “modeling” pictures in our garden at home. I found that I really liked the editing part of it. I would search YouTube and Google for tutorials on how I could retouch my photos and how I could change the colours. As time went on I became more comfortable using Photoshop and this led me to getting more creative with my photos.

What made you pursue it as a career?

Photography is one of the only talents I consider myself to have. For me it’s the best of both worlds as I get paid to do what I love. I wanted to pursue it as a career as no day is ever the same and it allows me to express myself.

What is your connection to Clayhanger?

I used to go to school in Clayhanger and some of my family live there. Recently I’ve been shooting quite a lot in Clayhanger, I’ve shot on the island when the poppies were out and by my nan’s where there is a wall of ivy.

What’s the photograph you’re most proud of?

The photo I’m most proud of is this one…

Credit Adam Bird: his 'most proud of' photograph.

Credit Adam Bird: his ‘most proud of’ photograph.

It was one of the first “BIG” photographs that I had planned out and it worked exactly as I imagined. It’s hard to tell if your idea will work when you have to rely on photoshop so that encouraged me to keep trying new ideas.

Am I right in thinking you offer training for people in photographic techniques? How did you get stated with that? How is it going?

Yes I do! At the moment I’m only offering online tutorials but in the future I hope to teach classes/workshops! Most people who follow my work are usually interested in the editing aspect so I thought I should start sharing some of my tips and tricks! I’m almost at the 100 sales mark so I’m really pleased with how it’s gone down!

Where do you get your inspiration from? The photo you are most proud of was inspired by Alice in wonderland, so do all your ideas come from literature?

I get my inspiration from a big mixture of things including literature, paintings or even colour. I get inspired by other people’s work such as Rosie Hardy, Gregory Crewdson, Tim Walker, Alex Stoddard just to name a few. I also get inspired by music so it could be a lyric or a full song that makes me think of an image I want to create. Also life experiences inspire me too, recently I had someone in my life pass away so I decided to take a photo with a huge skeleton to represent death.

What are your aspirations for the future?

My aspiration for the future is to keep shooting and travelling as much as possible!

Adam is a very talented young man and is sure to go far in his profession. You can link to his Facebook page here. Remember, you saw him first on Clayhanger traffic island!