Recycling | Walsall Bins

The spring weather brings out the cleaner in us and puts me in mind of Mole from Wind in the Willows. Whilst you are having a good ol’ turn out, the following may be helpful when deciding what to do with your unwanted stuff.

Almost anything can be recycled at the Council run recycling centres and with a little organisation in the boot of your car before you go, it can be very quick. The nearest one to Clayhanger is Merchants Way in Aldridge. I’ve always found the staff there very helpful and whilst they are not obliged to help you with your stuff, they often do. A trip to the tip reassures you that your stuff has gone to the right place and will be dealt with properly. Very satisfying.

The web page below, clearly lets us know what should go in the green bin and what should not. My rule of thumb is ‘if it’s black, it can’t go in.’

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say and there are a host of websites such as free-cycle and preloved where you can get rid of, and pick up, useable stuff for free. Usually, you must have posted something to give away before you can take a freebie on the site.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Source: Recycling | Walsall Bins