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Having had to attend a speed awareness course a few years ago, I have become very aware of mine, and others, speed whilst driving. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes and exceed the limit occasionally, but the point is that you are aware of your speed and make changes if you need to. One thing they teach you on the course is to be able to ‘read’ what the speed limit should be on a road if there are no signs visible. If there is a system of street lighting, it’s 30, unless otherwise stated. I always think it’s much easier to speed up if you’ve judged the limit to be too low than it is to slam your anchors on when you realise you are going too fast.

The other thing I learned was that if you’re late, you’re late. No amount of driving faster or edging 40 in a 30 is going to get you there quicker. And even it it does, it will be seconds. Is it worth risking an accident or speeding fine for that?

So I’ve noticed that since the road has been widened and resurfaced along the Pelsall Road between Clayhanger and Pelsall that 30 is not fast enough for some drivers who insist on over-taking on that nice wide stretch in front of the One Stop and Clean and Green. In the day time it’s not so bad, there are parked cars, lorries and buses, and the pedestrian crossing keeping everything at an orderly pace, but come the evening, that’s when silliness happens. There have been several crashes over the last few months on the Pelsall Road and so I have written to Cllr Wade to ask if any action can be taken to review the safety of that stretch of road. Clearer speed limit signs perhaps?

Hi Steve, 
Hope you are well. 
After the crash (another one) on the Pelsall Road this time with the junction of Clayhanger Lane, I wonder if I can raise the issue of speed along that stretch of road, particularly from Stevie Ansells to the canal bridge. 
The road widens here and cars frequently exceed the 30 limit and will often over take those sticking to the speed limit. As this stretch is right outside clean and green I think the council have a duty to better enforce the speed limit. Most problems occur in the evening as in the day the volume of traffic and the presence of lorries and buses prevents any hazardous driving. 
I look forward to hearing your thoughts. 

I can honestly say that the things I learned on the speed awareness course were the best and most helpful I have ever received in my 28 years as a driver. I can highly recommend it. Just don’t speed in order to get on one!

Hi folks, just a heads-up if I may about some rumours circulating about an additional incident that took place in Brownhills High Street yesterday evening, at around the same time as the collision …

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