Working magic. 

The internet is a truly powerful thing

At 7.45pm on Thursday 14th July, a public meeting was called at Clayhanger Community Centre to discuss and shape it’s future.

At 9.30pm on the same evening, the meeting ended and offers of administration and leafleting were made to the team of directors.

By lunch time Saturday 16th July, further offers of help had come in and the list of volunteers is growing.

At around 11 am Sunday 17th July, a Facebook post was made by a friend of CCC asking local tradesmen for help with a DIY SOS style intervention.

By 11 pm on Sunday 17th July, scores of tradesmen had put their names and skills to a list making a commitment to address the building work issues.

This evening, less than 96 hours (yep that’s 4 days before you start to calculate it) the directors of CCC are meeting tradesmen to formulate a plan to make good the areas which need repair and to make improvements so the building can be fully utilised. 

Now that’s not just the power of the Internet, that’s the power of people who come together for a common cause for the greater good. 

And that, dear reader, is magic. 

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