30 Days Wild: Day 30 birds of a feather. 

The final day of #30dayswild is concluded with a long walk in the company of a good friend and our hounds. 

We take in our regular route and catch up with the week’s news. Brexit is a hot topic for us this evening but then so is coconut rice so I think we covered all the important issues there. 

The Swan family accompany us for a while. Nine cygnets!  They’ve done well this year. 

Further on in our walk we encounter the heron, standing so still that the dogs don’t notice him until they are about 6 feet away. I say ‘he’ I’ve no idea of the heron’s gender. On the dog’s approach he gracefully launches himself and settles on the opposite side of the canal. My friend and I wonder at how he can fly with those long legs. They simply seem to tuck away, just like the landing gear of an aeroplane. 

A great walk is over and so is #30dayswild. Me though, I intend to #staywild. 

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