30 Days Wild: Day 29 – Pot of Gold

Image madwblog.

Image madwblog.

One of the things I have really enjoyed about #30dayswild has been just waiting each day for nature to pop up and reveal something to me. Today, the penultimate day, nature pulls out a corker in the form of this lovely rainbow.

For some it is the sign of a promise of love and better things to come, for others, it’s a fairy tale pot of gold. I’m sure though, for everyone, it is just simple beauty and the wonder of the world represented by a colourful arc of reflected light. In times where nothing seems certain and everything could change, how wonderful it is to look up and take in the simplicity of the rainbow. It instantly transports you to childhood again and reminds us that we are so, so, small in the grand scheme of things. Some things are just much, much bigger than we are.

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