30 Days Wild: Day 27 – All of a flutter.

Image madwblog. Ringlet butterfly.

Image madwblog. Ringlet butterfly.

I do think it’s sad that we don’t see as many butterflies as we used to.

Maybe my memory is fooled by nostalgia, but I remember seeing all sorts in mum and dad’s garden. Lots of them too. I used to catch them and let them go after having a good hard look at them. I’m not so good at identifying them now but we do get a lot of peacock butterflies when the buddleja is in bloom.

Never seen one of these though. A ringlet butterfly. Not flashy like the peacock, but pretty and rather gothic-looking when it flies. It’s a deep brown colour and quite hard to spot if it weren’t for the rings on the underside of it’s wings.

Here’s hoping for a good show of butterflies later in the summer.


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