30 Days Wild: Day 14-24 Shameful tardiness.

I know, I’ve been really bad and not posted ANYTHING wild for AGES. but don’t think that we haven’t been wild. Oh no. Far from it. Our wildness has continued and here is what the hound and I have been up to…


Day 13 was a trip to Manchester and some big skies over the Etihad Stadium. Proof you don’t have to have mountains to create a majestic skyline.

Sometimes, nature gets damaged by carelessness – unintentional or deliberate. Either way it’s a sad thing to see. On our walk one morning down the disused railway line/cycle track, we encountered deliberate damage to the birch trees as branches had been pulled down across the track. There was also evidence of fire setting which has been noted in local social media recently. Fortunately, it’s easy to report these incidents as anti-social behaviour, and the branches have now been removed and the incident logged with the community police.


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A murky morning again on the railway line/cycle path. The skyline seems to build in layers, fading to grey. If I had the skill, I’d love to paint it.


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Grass is brilliant. There is so much variety in meadow grass. And later in the summer, it will be tall and golden and when the wind blows, it will rattle with the dryness of the seed heads.


About 2 years ago, Walsall Council seeded the island in Clayhanger  village with poppies. The results are just stunning and so many insects are attracted to it. The island puts on an impressive display and the place is humming with more than one variety of bees.

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I love this tree. It reminds me of fairies and goblins. There ought to be a secret door round the back somewhere! You could almost rest in the boughs.

And, finally, day 24. After several attempts to grow snap dragons, I find one growing between two quarry tiles. I didn’t put it there. It must have been dropped by birds, or blown there. Typical of nature.


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