30 Days Wild – Day 9 desperately seeking…

Do bats know when they are being counted?

I’m sure the ones I regularly see around my house do. There I sat, patiently waiting for my batty neighbours to emerge, wrapped in my favourite blanket on the comfy chair in the garden with pencil poised. How many bats did I see? One. ONE.

I frequently see at least 4 or 5. Not last night. So disappointed. Maybe it was the earlier rain, the change in temperature or the noise and clatter of the neighbourhood. I shall try again another night.

During my vigil, I did very much enjoy listening to the birds roosting and really savoured that moment when the world went quiet as everything sleeps. It’s quite magical. I shall certainly do it again. In fact, it was so soothing I did drop off a couple of times. Perhaps that accounts for my lack of bat spotting.

To make up for the lack of bats, I consoled myself with this view of a farmer’s field which has been left fallow this year. I am lucky enough to be working where I’m surrounded by countryside at the moment. Lovely.


Image by madwblog

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