30 Days Wild: Day 7 – big guns

I’m cheating a bit. I’ve stolen day 7 from a walk I did on day 6. Am I forgiven?

So I’d watched Spring Watch with The Girl and took off, as planned, on a walk with the hound. This evening, I’d decided to go along the canal and over the common, double back along the black Tarmac path, cutting down to the left along the boggy path, back up the canal and then home. Just a short one tonight.

As soon as we were down the bank and into the ‘small field’ I spotted a fox. The dog didn’t for a good minute or so but she did pick up his trial and lollopped madly with her sniffy nose to the ground hither and thither through the grass.

Mr Fox must have holed up as he’s nowhere to be seen and we cross the common. No sooner have we rounded the corner and we see a female red deer. Beautiful. Serenely munching away. She moves not an inch, nor bats an eyelid. The quality of the photograph is terrible, I apologise.


Red deer. Image madwblog

Back along the tarmac path next to ‘The Spot’ pool and there is the heron. He’s perched beautifully on an exposed branch in the water but typically, as soon as I pull out my phone, he’s gone. He sits in the tree regarding us. He’s not moving either. There has been a pair of them in recent years. I wonder where his other half is?

Back up to the canal and a bat swoops overhead. Later, when I go to close my bedroom curtains, two more sweep past the window.

All the big guns were out in Clayhanger tonight. Fantastic.