Day 2: 30 Days Wild – identity parade.

Day 2 and I’m sticking to the garden again today. Well, just over the back fence.

As part of 30 Days Wild, I promised myself I would find out what the three trees are at the bottom of my garden. If anyone should read this and declare ‘madwblog, you are wrong!’ Then please do let me know. I’m a novice at this.


The first, according to my trusty Collins Nature Guide, ‘Trees of Britain and Europe’, is a Common Beech. Apparently, they prefer moist soil which makes sense as it is growing on the side of the ditch that leads to the pool at The Spot.

The second, I was pretty certain before I looked it up, is a Silver Birch. Well, I was almost right. It is a Birch but a Downy Birch. The catkins on it are slightly longer than those on the Silver Birch. Again, it likes a damp soil hence it thriving next to the same drainage ditch.

The third tree, which I thought was entirely different, seems to be another Beech tree. It has these strange growths on at the branch joints which the other Beech tree doesn’t I don’t think.

Any ideas anyone?

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