Day 1: 30 Days Wild – Metaphor Mania

Tears, fledglings and ugliness. It’s all good.

As it was Day 1 of #30dayswild, I thought I would keep it simple. Already having been rudely awoken at 3.30am by the dog barking and wheeling excitedly around the bedroom (3.30am is the regular time slot for Mr Fox to make his nightly commute across our garden) I awoke again at 7am to the sound of the shower as The Boy prepares for his first day at work and a chorus of birdsong. I decided I would let ‘the wild’ come to me. Moving through the house, each room was typically a mess. Dirty clothes being vomited on to the landing floor by the washing basket, two sets (?!) of golf clubs in the hall, the dishwasher blinking at me, a pile of rhubarb waiting to be chopped up and sewing paraphernalia spread across the dinning room table.

I wandered out into the back garden to see what I could see. Dew drops on blades of grass caught my eye – twinkling brightly even though the morning was dull.

image by madwblog

image by madwblog


I stooped to a crouch to get a better photograph and leaned on the railway sleeper next to me to steady the camera. After I had taken a few shots, I stood and to my horror I saw this chap:


image by madwblog

I recoiled. And then decided that, even though he had been perilously close to my resting hand, he was part of the wildness ‘come to see me’ and so I took his photograph. He is perfectly ugly, I think you will agree.

I paused in the garden a while and listened to the chattering of birds and breathed in the scent of the damp morning. So, The Boy has fledged into the man’s world of work. When I had waved him goodbye only minutes earlier, I willed with every part of my aching heart that the hardened commuters he must share the road with would take care of him and know that it was his first day as a man. Unaccustomed to sentimental crying, I could not stop the tears. Bah! There is work to be done and it will not do itself. Turning heel and re-entering the house, the chaos inside does not seem so bad and really not so important.

A little bit of wild really does make life better. Even tears and ugly have their place.

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