30 Days Wild – Eve of Day 1


So 30 Days Wild begins. The challenge is to do something wild or outdoors everyday for 30 days during June. A project run by the Wildlife Trust to get us noticing our outdoors a little more. You don’t need to go far. Just step outside and look up, or down, or listen. There will be nature there, all around you. What’s to loose? After all, our lives are a little better when they are wild.

A combination of work and slipped discs (three, yes it hurts a lot) has kept madwblog a little quiet of late and 30 Days Wild seemed the perfect opportunity to get active again with writing.

Madwblog’s 30 Days Wild won’t stray far from Clayhanger and possibly not far from the street, blessed as we are with so much wildness around us. There are some activities I’d really really like to do, like count bats and identify moths and find out what the trees are at the bottom of my garden beyond my fence as, I’m ashamed to say, I have no idea.

Let wild mini adventures begin!

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