Whistleblower’s book ignored by all Croydon’s councillors | Inside Croydon

As voting approaches to elect local Councillors and the goings on in Parliament, by those who claim to be best placed to serve our interests, reaches new heights of incredulity (Panama Papers and politicians whose girlfriends are ladies of the night to name but two this past week) it is perhaps now more important than ever to use your voice and hold to account those who spend our hard-earned cash.

Madwblog’s new favourite pastime is making freedom of information (FOI) requests. I have several ongoing and are linked to a complaint I made to Anthony Cox back in February over ‘that’ flier. I am pleased to say that Anthony has been in touch recently and the complaint is making progress. As soon as there is more to tell, it will appear here.

As a result of making these FOI requests, Rob Tape got in touch to tell me about a book he has written: ‘Sorry, it’s not my department’.


Images from Amazon.

Which is exactly what it says it is. An honest view of the workings of a typical Town Council. Reviews of the book on Amazon suggest that it not only outlines all too familiar failings, but also offers suggestions on how things could be improved.

I have ordered my copy and I’m hoping to learn some new tricks. Look out for a review!

Local government worker ROB TAPE decided to write a book based on the experiences of his council work career. He called it Sorry, It’s Not My Department. He then wrote to all 70 of Croydon…

Source: Whistleblower’s book ignored by all Croydon’s councillors | Inside Croydon

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