Northfields Way – Traffic Regualtion Order has begun.


Community champion and friend of madwblog, Laura Terry (Area Partnership Manager, Walsall Council) has been in touch to advise on the next stage in the process of placing barriers on Northfields Way.

After the community consultations in March, Laura took all the comments forward and the advice returned that a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) would be put in place to give notice of the intention to close Northfields Way to traffic. This has now begun (15th April) and there follows 3 weeks in which concerns or objections can be raised.

The following e-mail from Laura explains in full:

“Thank you for following closely the work we have undertaken in relation to Northfields Way.

As you are aware the TRO was scheduled to commence today and as such I provide you with an update below.

I will endeavour to contact individual residents who have requested an update when I am back in the office on Monday – I mention this for your information should you receive comments or queries regarding correspondence via your blog.

Best wishes

With reference to Northfields Way;

We are required to work in accordance with the Local Authorities’ Traffic Regulation Order Procedures.

In respect of publication the requirement is to publish the ‘notice of proposals’ in a newspaper circulating in the area in which any road or other place to which the order relates to is situated.

In this instance we have used the Walsall Advertiser as it is circulated within the WS8 postcode.

We have also taken a further measure to publicise our proposals which includes the display of on-street notices. 

 Please see below the information contained within the notice;

Full details of the proposal is contained in the Draft Order and plans which show the roads subject to the Order and the extent and details of the controls proposed. This Order, the plans and a statement of the Council’s reasons for proposing to make the Order may be examined at the offices of the Head of Democratic Services, The Council House, Darwall Street, WALSALL, during normal office hours.(Ref: PBW/DC/2265/3795)



Formal objections to the Order should be sent with the grounds for making them in writing (quoting Ref: PBW/DC/2265/3795) to the Head of Democratic Services, The Council House, Walsall WS1 1TW by not later than 6th May, 2016. “

As ever, this is a fully open and democratic process and should you have any concerns or objections please make them through the correct channels. Whilst Laura posts to Clayhanger now has a Community Centre and madwblog Facebook pages, she cannot respond on these pages to any questions you may raise.

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