STOP PRESS! Northfields Way – the next step begins!

IMG_1113“The formal consultation on the TRO [Traffic Regulation Order] will be advertised in local press and there will be notices displayed on the street near the junction. This is anticipated to commence on 15 April.”

Steve Pretty, Head of Planning, Transport and Engineering, Economy and Environment. Walsall Council.

Laura Terry, Area Partnership Manager and friend of Clayhanger, has dropped this e-mail into madwblog’s inbox and it’s contents bring great news!

Dear MADWBlog

Following the community consultation regarding the issues in Northfields Way I attach above for your reference the next release of information to the community.

These letters will be distributed to all properties within the estate accessed via Northfields Way, in the first instance. We are able to share this freely electronically to communicate as far and wide as possible.

I will be posting to the ‘Clayhanger has a Community Centre’ Facebook Page today, with the afore-mentioned letter drop tomorrow.

The letter indicates that the formal posting of the TRO is likely to commence on 15 April, so we aren’t too far away from the statutory process, which has to run for three weeks minimum.

I hope that you are able to share this with your community.

Best wishes

The links below are the letter and plan Laura refers to in her e-mail and I would urge you to read them to fully understand the next stage.

Residents communication re Northfields Way 31.3.16

Northfields Way DRAFT March 2016

Thank you to all residents who took the time to go to the consultation meetings at Clayhanger Community Centre and the Methodist Church last month. Great things happen when many voices become one.

Election time. 

Just received Cllr Wade’s election leaflet which comprehensively sets out the hard work he has put into this area. If you have an issue you want raised I would encourage you to get in touch with Cllr Wade or Cllr Ferguson. 

Don’t throw this away. Keep it somewhere you can see it. Collect others from opposing political parties and make an informed choice in May. Use your vote. 

Recycling | Walsall Bins

The spring weather brings out the cleaner in us and puts me in mind of Mole from Wind in the Willows. Whilst you are having a good ol’ turn out, the following may be helpful when deciding what to do with your unwanted stuff.

Almost anything can be recycled at the Council run recycling centres and with a little organisation in the boot of your car before you go, it can be very quick. The nearest one to Clayhanger is Merchants Way in Aldridge. I’ve always found the staff there very helpful and whilst they are not obliged to help you with your stuff, they often do. A trip to the tip reassures you that your stuff has gone to the right place and will be dealt with properly. Very satisfying.

The web page below, clearly lets us know what should go in the green bin and what should not. My rule of thumb is ‘if it’s black, it can’t go in.’

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure they say and there are a host of websites such as free-cycle and preloved where you can get rid of, and pick up, useable stuff for free. Usually, you must have posted something to give away before you can take a freebie on the site.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Source: Recycling | Walsall Bins