Clayhanger Community Spring Clean: Saturday 19th March.

The Clayhanger Community Spring Clean is set for Saturday 19th March 2016, 8.30 – 10.30 am at the Co-op car park on Clayhanger Lane.

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The Co-op car park is a high usage area and is prone to litter. Staff at the Co-op do their bit to help keep it clear but litter often gets stuck in the shrubs and under-growth. A Co-op Community Champion will be there to help out on the day with the litter pick. Should a large number of volunteers arrive, then we can always spread out to other areas in the village.

Laura Terry of Area Partnership, Walsall Council, has already got the Clean and Green Team primed to provide us with litter pickers and bags. The rubbish bagged up will all be collected by Clean and Green at the end of the pick.

I hope that this will be the first of regular litter picks in Clayhanger. If you are concerned about litter in a specific area of the village, please complete the feedback form below and this area will be considered for the next litter pick.

The Thread of Life – Walsall Silver Thread Project.

You know what it’s like – lazily scrolling through Facebook and something catches your eye. For me, it was the Silver Thread Tapestries Project.


The crafter in me was gripped.

A year long project, with funding from the Arts Council, to celebrate 25 Years of delivering community arts in Walsall. A tapestry representing all the areas, towns and holes in the hedge in Walsall. It gets better, local history and anthropology.

I’m sold.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered this project at the end of a long haul of meetings and discussion groups. Undeterred, I get in touch anyway and Kate Goodall, Senior Directorate Support Officer at Walsall Council, calls me back.

She tells me about the tapestry and, at the moment, ideas are being collected for each of the 11 pieces which will make up the whole. Kate’s looking for representations from each area, so for Brownhills and Clayhanger there is mining, the canal, the common. For Willenhall, locks and keys – you get the idea. Winding through each of the 11 representations, there will be a silver thread – highlighting the water on the canal, the glint of coal, the polished metal of a lock.

I really would like to be involved in this project and Kate assures me that there will be a range of skill sets involved and enough tasks for everyone who wants to be involved, even if they do not have needle work skills.

It’s not too late for Clayhanger to be involved, put forward ideas and be part of the project. Kate suggests that if there is enough interest, she would be happy to meet up at the community centre at a time which suits the majority.

Time is of the essence. If there is interest within Clayhanger to be part of the Silver Thread Tapestry, we need to meet Kate in the next week or so. If this is something you would Like to do, complete the feedback form.

More information can be found out about the Silver Thread Tapestry Project at