Northfields Way barriers – meeting scheduled. 

Cllr Bird has replied to my email asking when the scrutiny committee would be meeting to discuss the barriers on Northfields Way. His response is below. 

The last time this was discussed it was Corporate Scrutiny on 21.01.2016 the minutes of which are available on the website
I understand that Councillor Ferguson has asked the Chairman to include this item on the next Scheduled meeting of this Committee on on 8.03.2016
As a member of the Executive I am not allowed to be a member or influence scrutiny matters as a matter of law in accordance with the provisions of the Local Government Act 2000

As Cllr Bird’s email indicates, the barriers were already under discussion on 21 January 2016 and so it would seem the process has begun. 

We await the outcome of the meeting on 8th March. 

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