Here we go again?


Photograph taken by madwblog at 5pm 22nd February 2016.

It seems that Northfields Way is to again be occupied by travellers, so soon after the last illegal encampment was moved on.

It seems that, at the moment, I have the uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time. As I pulled up to take this picture and chat to another Clanger who had done the same, a very nice lady in a blue fleece came over to talk to us. Blue fleece lady works for Walsall Council, although I don’t know in what capacity. She informed me and my fellow on looker that the family currently on Northfields Way are not the same as the one who were moved on previously. This means that the current Section 77 and 78 order does not apply as it only covers the family who were there before.

However, blue fleece lady assured us that this family are known to her and that they have suffered a punctured tyre after being moved on from another encampment in the borough. Once a new tyre has been sorted they will be off again. Hopefully by 2pm tomorrow (Tuesday 23rd February).

My fellow Clanger was calling the police as I pulled up and I imagine that many others of you have done the same as you arrived home.

It seems that all that can be done is to wait. Wait to see if the encampment grows and  wait to see when the barriers will finally arrive.

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