Northfields Way – Barriers a step closer?

There’s a lot to be said for being in the right place at the right time.

Well, it just so happens that when I went up on to Northfields Way about 3.30 this afternoon to look at the resident Clayhanger ponies (they weren’t in – anyone know where they are?) there was a nice chap in a blue woolly hat getting out of his car. He had in his hand a trundle wheel (the type used for measuring distance) which he promptly trundled across the width of Northfields Way.

Never one to miss an opportunity for a chat and just to be plain nosy I asked “What are you doing?” and give him my best cheeky grin. He looked at me somewhat blankly, so I rephrased.

“OK, I know what you are doing, you’re measuring the road, perhaps a better question is ‘why are you measuring the road?'” I waited with baited breath. Obviously I did really know why he was measuring the road, but I wanted to find out what he would tell me.

“There’s going to be some barriers to stop the travellers” he replies helpfully.

“Oh yes, I’d heard about that,” my acting skills know no bounds “I’d heard there were some old ones we might get from somewhere else.”

“Yeah, they’re up at the depot,” he gestures vaguely in the direction of the Council Cleaner Greener depo. Although he could have been pointing anywhere in an ‘over there’ kind of way, “We might paint them up, or if not, there will be some new concrete ones which will be painted up.” he replies – or something to that effect, I paraphrase, don’t hold me to it.

“Oh, so you’re just seeing which ones will fit?” I do my light-bulb moment face.

We spend a few minutes chatting about the travellers and the ponies (the field is a terrible state, but more about that another time). Woolly hat man tells me he lives in Pelsall and he’s seen the ponies down his road. They get about don’t they, the Clayhanger 2?  He finishes his trundling and we share a cheery farewell.

So, the plans for the barriers on Northfields Way are in the system. Woolly hat man has been out with his trundle and I was in the right place at the right time. Just like Cllr Ferguson and Ben Brittain were when the ‘initiative’ of the barriers was spawned. Maybe they met a nice man in a woolly hat by the road too.

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