Love is in the air, everywhere I look around…

If there’s one thing I would like everyone to take from madwblog, it’s that I love Clayhanger. I ‘ended up’ here in 1998 and I love living here. I love that we are surrounded by open land and that the canal almost creates a protective moat. I love that I can get to Birmingham, Lichfield, Tamworth, and Sutton Coldfield in half an hour. I love that there is so much beautiful countryside to explore. Cannock Chase, Shropshire, Staffordshire. I love that even though many of my friends live far and wide across the UK, I can get on a train, plane or automobile and reach even the furthest place in half a day.

I also love my dog. It wasn’t until she arrived rather randomly in our lives that I REALLY fell in love with Clayhanger. My dog made me explore all the path ways and cut-throughs across the common and down the railway line and take long, lazy tramps through fields to Pelsall. I can walk the same way over and over and certain views and places still make me stop. Every time.


This is one of those places. The signal on the railway line just by the One Stop. I’m quite chuffed with this photo. I’ve taken loads which have been disastrous and don’t quite capture it right. This one is OK though. There’s been many times when the moon is in the frame and it’s just magical.


The day I took this I sat in the long grass, screened from the world, and listened to the breeze rattling the seed heads. Yeah, the dog thinks I’m nutty too. This is the field at the top of ‘old’ Clayhanger, just beyond the David Wilson estate.


I think I may have messed with this one a bit on Instagram, but I like it anyway. It makes Clayhanger look prairie-like. Really, it’s just the field behind the community centre.


Yes, I know, but I miss having REAL snow. This was the last time in February/March 2013. The dog had come to live with us just two weeks before. My daughter and I took her out. The snow was so deep and everywhere had that muted, muffled sound to it. Our very own Narnia. This is the pool just to the left of the black tarmac path as you come across The Spot to Brownhills.

On a day set aside for sharing and declaring love, thank you for allowing me to share my love of Clayhanger with you.