Share and share alike.

DSC_0056Dear Ben Brittain,

I came across your apology to Clayhanger by accident. I acknowledge and welcome it. Although it’s a shame because I nearly missed it. I’m not your friend on facebook Ben Brittain, because I don’t know you and I’ve never met you. So, when you posted on your own page, I didn’t see it because I can’t see your page. That’s a shame. I can see the Clayhanger Now Has a Community Centre Page though. And that’s where I found it because someone else thought it warranted enough interest to share it. You might describe that as ‘sharing information’.

Whilst on the subject of sharing information, I would prefer it if you didn’t decide on my behalf what is ‘good’ for me to know and what isn’t. I would have rather liked it if you had told me about the imminent installation of the barriers on Northfields Way because even if the proposal hadn’t been approved, I would have known that and as a result would have only been disappointed. I’m an adult. I can handle disappointment. But I’m not ‘only disappointed’. I’m cross. Cross is not a pretty look for me. Disappointment is OK, although my pout needs work…

Staying on the subject of sharing information, those who know better where to look than me, seem to think that the council have not yet ‘shared’ their intention to fund the barriers on Northfields Way in any official way. Or at the very least, not on their website. (Maybe the website techy was poorly today. And yesterday. And Wednesday. Perhaps the techy has been poorly all week. Since Thursday 4th! Oh dear, I hope she/he is OK.) Perhaps that’s why your learned friends from the other side of the political pitch didn’t know about it… it hasn’t yet been ‘shared’ by anyone who has the official capacity to ‘share’ it. Oh now that’s confusing because you didn’t want to share it until you were sure, and then we find that no-one else has shared it. Maybe they are not sure either. So I’m not sure what we are sure about.

Oh my, I’m disappointed. I’m pouting.


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