Truth or Dare?

Dear Cllr Ferguson and  Ben Brittain,

How dare you post this flier thorough my door? How dare you push a picture of your ‘oh, so concerned faces’ through my letter box.

I am absolutely APPALLED that the whole time the most recent encampment was on Northfields Way, you KNEW that a barrier was going to erected. Neither of you thought that it would be a good idea to reassure the residents, the people who pass down that road EVERYDAY that this would be the last time they would have to put up with an illegal encampment. You KNEW on Thursday 4th February, as you so proudly boast, that this was the last time. And you did not have the integrity, tenacity or honesty to TELL the residents of Clayhanger.

I saw the first caravan arrive on the evening of Wednesday 3rd February. For seven days, I have not walked my dog along Northfields Way because the sight of children running unattended when they should be in school, the rubbish and the feeling of hostility would have angered and upset me. So, as a responsible resident, I reported it along with everyone else and waited because I knew, once the process had begun, that the illegal encampment would go.

For those seven days Cllr Ferguson and Ben Brittain, you could have reassured me that that it would be OK. I could have told my fellow dog walking friend that ‘It’s OK, you won’t have to put up with watching people defecate on the verge when you take your dog out in the morning because it won’t happen again.’ I watched the encampment go and I saw the rubbish left behind. I witnessed the council workers cleaning it up. And still you said nothing.

Clayhanger folk discussed the encampment AT LENGTH on several facebook pages to which I KNOW you subscribe. Did you tell any of us when there were MANY opportunities to do so?

No, Cllr Ferguson and Ben Brittain, you didn’t tell any of us. You kept this to yourselves and made the big reveal through my letter box when I got home. I am not grateful to you for getting the barrier because one way or another, it would have happened anyway. It just so happens that you got your names on it.

So, I say again. How dare you push this flier through my door? How dare you treat me like a fool and keep me in the dark on an issue which is IMPORTANT to me. How dare you withhold information from me which would have made the last seven days less stressful? How dare you make my friends and family look foolish by signing a petition which was totally pointless and you KNEW it? How dare you say that you are working for the Clayhanger Community? How dare you push that flier through my door?

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